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WWE TLC: Rey Mysterio beats Randy Orton on Tuesday night



Randy Orton has been taking a shot at breaking the exemplary fan top choices, returning in a route to his Legend Killer days. Orton guaranteed he needed to demolish the saints of the WWE Universe. To start with, it was Jeff Hardy.

Presently, it’s Rey Mysterio. Orton has over and over pounded Mysterio and has even stolen his veil. Mysterio hoped to demonstrate that he has the stuff to beat the Viper and would get that open door with seats coordinate.

Orton and Mysterio didn’t either to get some steel, as they quickly went outside for seats. It was a race to see who could discover their weapon first, and Mysterio won, pelting the Viper with various seat shots.

Mysterio set up the seat and jumped off of it for a senton, yet Orton got him, at that point associated with a merciless seat shot to the back as he was hung up in the corner. Orton set up Mysterio on the smock, yet Mysterio evaded, hitting him with a seat and taking his legs out with a baseball slide, dropping him to the outside.

Mysterio then slid with the seat into a sprinkle onto Orton outwardly. The Viper was in a bad position as Mysterio never allowed him to recover. Be that as it may, Orton at long last got his shot when Mysterio set him up for a senton, keeping away from the luchador and sending him smashing down into the seat.

Orton brought the seat down on Mysterio’s back like a mallet, with the crashes resounding all through the field. The sly veteran at that point got a thought and set a seat on the commentator’s work area.

Orton dropped Mysterio with a facebuster onto the seat, at that point filled the ring with seats as Mysterio endeavored to recapture his self-restraint. Orton set up a seat in the turnbuckle and went to drive Mysterio to confront first into it. Mysterio countered with tilt-a-spin head scissors, sending him colliding with the seated bear first.

Orton figured out how to promptly counter Mysterio subsequent to, driving him into the tangle with his licensed snap power slam. Mysterio got Orton and set up for the 619, yet Orton sent him over the ropes. Mysterio got himself and associated with an enziguri.

As Mysterio went for a best rope body sprinkle, Orton tossed a seat at him. Mysterio kicked out at two, and Orton kept on rebuffing him with steps to the head.

Mysterio baited Orton to him, at that point kicked him in the arch, trailed by a seated shot to the back. A 619 remaining Orton laying on the tangle. Orton recouped, taking out Mysterio’s leg as he climbed the turnbuckle.

Orton set a seat into the second and third turnbuckle cushions, driving Mysterio’s face into it over and over. Orton then set up four seats in a line, at that point gradually got his old opponent.

Orton set Mysterio up for an RKO on the seats, yet the Ultimate Underdog maintained a strategic distance from it. Mysterio sent him into the seats, at that point moved him up for the stick.

Mysterio got a colossal success over Orton this evening. Nonetheless, the Viper didn’t hope to be finished with Mysterio, and it’s unmistakable we’ll be proceeding with this war on Tuesday night.