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What You Need to Know About Public Self Storage Units



Public Self Storage

Public self storage units can be rented by homeowners who do not have sufficient room or space at home to store their belongings. They can also be rented out by establishments or companies to store their supplies, stocks and archived documentations. If you are planning to rent one, here are a couple of things which you need to remember.

1. First, you need to make an inventory of the items which you would be sending off for storage. Make it as detailed as possible so make sure you include measurements and the types of the items. This would be able to help you determine the storage unit size that you need and if it needs to be climate controlled. When choosing the storage unit like storage units St Louis, get the one which has the smallest amount of space which could store your things.

2. Check with the manager about which types of items can be stored in the units and which are prohibited. Generally, storing illegal items like drugs and drug paraphernalia and weapons are not only prohibited; they could also get you in trouble.

3. Avoid storing hazardous products, which are also usually already prohibited by most self storage companies. This would include flammable items like kerosene, gasoline, motor oil, paints, alcohol, lubricants and other liquids or substances which could catch fire. You should also avoid storing toxic substances like fertilizers, propane tanks, pool chemicals, batteries, ammonia, acid, bleach and other chemicals which could leak and give off toxins into the air.

4. If you would be storing glasses, dishes and other breakable items, make sure that each of them is properly and individually wrapped. Use protective padding like bubble wrap or cloth.

5. Remember that living things cannot be stored. This includes plants, livestock and pets.

6. If you would be storing large appliances such as a refrigerator, make sure to leave the door open but tied. Doing this would prevent bad odors and mold.

7. To keep you as organized as possible, label everything that you would be putting in storage. This would also make you have an easier time retrieving any item you need later on.

8. It is also prohibited to store gas-powered equipment like lawn mowers and chainsaws. Pressurized containers like gas tanks are also not allowed as they could explode.

9. If you would be storing valuables like antiques and family heirlooms, be sure to give them additional protection through placing them in waterproof and fireproof containers.

10. Wrap mattresses and furniture in protective padding and then cover them with plastic since they are susceptible to forming mold and mildew. Protect corners with padding as well to prevent scratches.

11. Check if your items in the public self storage unit would be insured. Inquire about available insurance with the manager or verify if your items would be covered by your home insurance policy.

These are the some of the basic things that you need to be aware of as you consider getting a public self storage unit. To help you out in choosing a storage company, try going online and research on the companies and the rates that they offer.