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What Are Some Tips For First Time Travel To India?



Travel to India

India is a very vast country with a population of around 1 billion inhabitants. 80% of Indian citizens embrace Hinduism. That makes India have a distinctive culture.

India also has many tourist destinations that attract visitors from various countries, such as Agra, Delhi, Jaipur and Banaras. Even so, there are many things that tourists need to pay attention to before visiting this country, especially the first time.

Safety and comfort must be considered so that your vacation is not hampered by anything. For that, you need to note the 10 tips below.

1. Avoid Crowd / Pollution

India is very broad. Many tourists are too eager to visit many locations so that it makes them tired. In addition, there are also a lot of congestion, air pollution, and city noise which makes the body become tired.

You need to make a list of visit locations, and prioritize the most interesting and easily accessible locations.

2. If you don’t like a crowded atmosphere, go to a quiet destination

Villages in India can be the best alternative destinations. Or you can also go to the mountains and valleys of India. So, you can get out of crowded and crowded cities in India.

In addition, most rural residents are friendly.

3. Pay attention to what you will eat and drink

Abdominal pain is usually experienced by travelers who first visit India. They pay less attention to food when buying street food. However, you don’t need to worry. Always wash the fruit and peel the skin before eating, and slightly clean the fried or boiled food.

For drinks, always drink from the water you bring, and avoid salads or ice.

4. Prepare to receive many questions

When you take a walk in cities in India, be prepared to face congestion, cramming on public transportation, or get caught in an elevator. Sometimes Indians are curious and ask questions.

It could be that the question is very personal and disturbing. However, you need to answer as needed and give a polite smile.

5. Dress politely and closed

The culture of dressing in India is very simple. You only need to wear good clothes, close your arms and legs. It is also to respect local culture and make you safer.

If you visit a resident’s house, please remove the shoes in front of the entrance. Similarly, when you see a lot of shoes at the door of the shop. Take off your shoes before entering.

6. Pay attention to your feet and hands

In Indian culture, the foot is a dirty organ. If you touch something with your feet, immediately apologize.

Giving something with your left hand is also considered impolite in India. Before you act, pay attention to what Indians do. Want to explore India you can travel to India by road, air or luxury train. Try on the royal life on board the Palace on Wheels train – is the best way to learn about Indian heritage, beauty & cultural. You can check the fare of palace on wheels.

7. Time in India is relative

Rubber clocks also occur in India. When your colleague in India says you meet in five minutes, it can be up to half an hour. There are many things that happen, like being stuck in traffic.

Shops in India can also open and close without regular time. However, usually shops and government offices are closed at lunchtime.

8. Prioritize security

There is an unwritten rule in India: don’t walk on the lonely streets alone. If you have a travel group, prioritize always together. Pickpocketing is common in India. However, don’t be too paranoid.

Sometimes there is also a lot of bargaining in Indian markets. You have to be assertive but it’s still fun to bid on things.

9. Get ready for noise throughout the city

Cities in India are famous for heavy traffic. Many vehicles milling about make people more stressful on the road. To avoid this, tourists can use earphones to minimize the impact of noise. 

10. Pay cash transactions

Buying souvenirs from India is the last activity carried out by tourists. You can choose souvenir shops that are widely available in India, especially New Delhi.

Bringing enough cash is a wise choice to avoid theft of your credit card data. But trusted and large stores can be safe enough to transact with a credit card.