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Use the Best Parental Control App and See what your Kids Are Watching on YouTube



Parental Control App

Use the Best Parental Control App and See what your Kids Are Watching on YouTube. In the present time, the internet is loaded with a vast of information. In which some of them are good and some of them are bad, some are good for everyone kids and teenagers, while others are most dangerous for young minds. Because the internet has many Pons and cons. As if we discuss YouTube, every day each person joins it and makes their channel and upload their content there which proves harmful for kids. As the internet has a bombarded with so much information so it becomes compulsory for each parent to check their kids.

As with the development of the technology fortunately, we have some parents control apps like FamiSafe this app will help you to check your kid’s every day. With the use of this application, you can do multi things and take care of your child. If you worry about your child you need a Famisafe app that might be checking out on YouTube.

By using this app you can certainly see what your child watch in YouTube you’ll find all kind of content including cartoons, cooking show as well as you also have the content based on the violence such as the child suicide, and many other things which create a negative impact on your children’s brain.

If you are possessive about your child online activity then you must always rely on the power of the strongest parental control apps. These apps help you to identify what a kid might be watching on YouTube as well as you might easily handle it.

There are some top uses that you can avail:

Real-time tracking

As kids go to school every day and we also know about the rise in the crimes; also it becomes very difficult for parents to know where their kids are at. But luckily with the use of a real-time tracking app, you can avail of the geo-fencing feature and get alert notification about everything as your child cross the set zone by you. 

 App block

As every app is available on the play store and your kid downloads tons of apps on his/her mobile phone in which most of them are related to games, some relate to highly addictive and time-consuming consuming. They play games continually and they lost their lot of time, this will eventually to less focus on study.


By the use of the screen-time feature to lock your kid’s mobile phone to save their productive time and you know that you don’t like that your child uses a mobile phone while playing outside with friends and while studying so this app will help you in this regard.

YouTube Monitoring

As YouTube contains the much content which is dangerous for your kid’s including the child abuse, rapping, suicide, family disputes and murder which proves very dangerous for kids. So to protect you from these unhealthy things you must try the YouTube monitoring feature from the FamiSafe. Be serious about your child’s mental health, if you would like to be sure that what your kid sees on YouTube than you must try this feature. Provide your child with a healthy environment.

What should you do?

The role of parents is very important in the development of their children. YouTube is full of dangerous content which provides a negative impact on your children. You cannot stop any YouTube from uploading violent content also you can’t change the thoughts of people. But one thing you can do is, you can block these channels contain dangerous content so that your child did not approach them. You can also set time for your child to use mobile phones you can set time when you and your child sit together and watch YouTube content. By doing this, it will enhance your relationship with your kid, and also your kid likes to spend time with you.

Also when your child is not around you can block these channels from their mobile phone. And told them to use YouTube in front of you.

 FamiSafe YouTube App Control for Android

The best thing about this app is it is available for android phones as you can download it in your phone and your kid’s phone also to check their YouTube history and the kind of content they are watching. By this app you can also block some channels having violence content. This app also has a Connect YouTube feature, through which you can receive Keyword alerts.

FamiSafe YouTube App Control for iOS

As it is available on the android phones it can also be available on the iPhone you can also download it on your iPhone and enjoy and use the same features which they give in the android phones.


The role of parents is very important for their children’s development; make sure that you can protect your children from this unhealthy content on the internet as well as on YouTube. By the use of the Fami Safe app, you can block all the unwanted channels and save your child from violence. Provide your child with a healthy environment.  

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Unrest has been growing in the US since the death of Mr Floyd while he was being arrested by police in Minneapolis on 25 May.

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