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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him



Valentines Day Gifts

Ok, it’s that time of year again and you are wondering what would be some unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

If you really want to make this Valentines Day special for him …

A day he will always remember then you have to think outside of the heart shaped box. February 14th is my favorite day of the year, so I have explored and found the most awesome ways to surprise and dazzle your guy.

Why Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Unique For Him? To make you V-Day special and memorable. Here are 2 unique Valentine Day gift giving ideas from Alex Wise – a recognized expert on love, marriage and relationships from that will blow his mind and at the same time be a blast for you as you scheme and plan for the most romantic day of the year.

All time favorite idea is what I call…

Hold Your Cupid Hostage

Hold him hostage, means you kidnap him on February 14th. You will need a blindfold and handcuffs to really get into the mood on the day of the kidnapping. You let him know that you have a special surprise for him and that you will pick him up at a certain time. Before he can get into the car you put the blindfold and handcuffs on him.

The V-Day Details

Two months before February 14th you will start your research on where you will be going and what you are going to do on this special day.

Here’s My Favorite Unique Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

Take him for a romantic getaway

A great getaway could be an upscale spa for where you stay for the night. Ideally with a private Jacuzzi on the deck. Services could include couples massages and a gourmet restaurant that will deliver an elegant candle light dinner to your room.

For this escapade you will want to buy yourself a sexy outfit for dinner and an even sexier nightgown for after dinner, you get the drift :razz;

Make sure you pay attention to all the details prior to arriving at your destination. Select the wine, the food and don’t forget a special decadent desert.

Here’s A Cupid’s Day Hint…

A sexy ‘V’ day desert is fresh strawberries that you dip in chocolate and feed to each other.

Also, find out if the spa can put fresh rose petals on the bed. If not bring your own in a cooler.

Now when you arrive at the spa he must keep the blindfold on, but you can remove the
handcuffs. Once you get him into the room, make him sit in a chair, with the blindfold on while you change into your sexy new red dress. You may want to have a chilled bottle of Champagne ready to pop open in celebration of this special evening with your lover.

Once you are changed and everything is in order…

In a very sensual and sexy style begin to, ever so slowly…

Remove his blindfold. From this point on you can use your imagination… if you know what I mean 

Another unique Valentine’s Day gift idea is what I call…

Special Love Surprise

It’s special because you will surprise him at your home. Tell him to come to your home at a certain time. When he arrives put a blindfold on him before he gets in the door.

Heighten The Intrigue: Make Him Answer Some Questions

Once he is in the house sit him down and ask him 3 questions. He must get one question right in order to remove the blindfold. Wondering what questions to ask?

The questions could be:

What is the name of any romantic movie you watched together?

What did you do on your first date?

Or you could ask some sort of trick question…

Like who’s buried in Grants tomb?

Make This Unique Valentine Gift For Him Fun! Fun! Fun! The idea is to make it fun! After the question is correctly answered you remove the blindfold before you ‘ever so slowly’ for him to see the magic you’ve created.

Now how to make the magic…

Wear the sexiest red dress you can find with strappy high heals. Totally decorate your home in valentine décor. Hearts, ribbons, cupids and flowers everywhere. Prepare or you can buy an exotic meal.

Exotic could be anything from Mongolian food you eat with your hands to Asian cuisine or Indian food are just some ideas. Have romantic music playing in the background. Champagne and wine can be part of the evening to aide in the celebration. Use the strawberry and chocolate dip idea we talked about when going to a spa.

If you purchase already prepared food make sure you serve it in nice serving dishes.
Set your table with a white table cloth and use red napkins.

Get creative and put a centerpiece together with red candles and flowers.
White dishes could be place on a red place mat that is put on top of the white table cloth.

Light some scented candles and keep the lighting low. If your guy is going to spend the night, scatter rose petals on the bed with candles on the bedside table.

And, don’t forget to buy some sexy lingerie. If these two unique ideas don’t strike a spark in you…

The Key For Gift Giving: Be Creative & Make It Memorable

Then use your creativity and imagination to craft a unique, creative Valentine’s Day gift for your special guy. Here are some interesting Valentines Day gift ideas presented at Groove Guy Gifts intended for men to give to women.

Just flip the ideas around and tailor them for the guy in your life. Honestly there is nothing more exciting than surprising your man with a special Valentine’s Day celebration. He will remember it forever and so will you. And don’t forget to come back here to tell us what you did and how it went.