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Top 10 Furniture Design For Small Space



Furniture Design

In most urban households, space is a rare commodity whereas the number of items to store keep going up with time. When space is limited, one needs to get innovative with furniture design. The right furniture design for small spaces should not only serve multiple purposes but also fit perfectly in the setting. In this article, we will discuss some of the best options for modular furniture for small spaces.

Floating designs

Where floor space is limited, furniture which stays clear of the floor but offers good storage space is very good choices. Wall mounted storage shelves are the right option for storing items in compact spaces. They can be fitted with darkened mirrors and decorated panels to make them look more attractive.

Pedestal table

A glass or stone table with a pedestal base can be the perfect small apartment furniture as it can be tucked into any small space with ease. It will be even better if you choose a round shaped table as such a design will be free from any interruptive sharp corners.

Stools for seating

If you do not have sufficient space for luxurious sofas and multiple wooden chairs, stools can come very useful as they can be stacked together to save space. A stack of stools can be stored in any corner and unstacked when there are more visitors. They also come in multiple colours to match with the rooms.

Modular unit

When it comes to selecting living room furniture for small spaces, using a modular unit can be a good idea. A well-designed unit can make even a relatively smaller space appear large. A simple but elegant modular unit that can store multiple items can easily be the focal point of the room.

A kitchen cart

This is a very good choice that can be used as an item of modular kitchen furniture. This cart will have plenty of storage area and space for placing a cutting board on the top. The bottom will be fitted with durable casters that will ensure smooth movement.

A sofa bed

This is an old but evergreen idea that can form an integral part of the furniture design for any small space. It is ideal for overnight guests, and the sofa also comes with ample storage space under it for a variety of items.

A mini desk

This is a multipurpose desk that can act not just as a desk, but also as a bedside table, bar and a kitchen table. Being versatile, it can be ideal for studio apartments where space is limited. The desk can also be used effectively for occasions and parties as a food or a drinks stand.

Vertical cabinets

Cabinets that come with a small footprint are ideal as furniture in a small apartment. They come in a variety of looks and contains multiple racks and drawers to offer plenty of storage space. With the right height, the top can also be used for displaying items.

A Hall-stand

A hall stand is a great way to add some storage space where you can store a wide variety of items. They are light and portable, and you can move them around to any corner of your choice with ease.

Expandable tables

These type of table can add a lot of space in one hand while saving some on the other, making it a great piece of modular furniture for any small space. While it normally is ideal for seating two persons, it has extendable sides that can be used to seat four or more people as needed.

The right furniture design for small spaces is not only for serving the purpose but also to keep the style quotient strong, making the items perfectly suited for a modern home.