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The Situations Where Street Lights Play An Important Role For Drivers And Commuters



The lanes and streets are built so that people can commute from one place to another. There are pedestrian walks that allow people to traverse a particular distance on foot. The main roads are used for driving a variety of vehicles. The vehicles have lights which are turned on to see the road as well as other light indicators for giving particular signals while driving.

The necessity of installing high quality lights on roads

During the day hours it is easy to drive the vehicle without using the headlights in the front of the vehicle. But if the vehicle has to be driven during the night or if the sky is overcast and there is very little natural light then the lights of the vehicle has to be turned on. However the bulbs present on the vehicle provide limited visibility and a driver cannot see the entire road and the sides of the road clearly without street lights. Similarly for people who are walking through a particular street after twilight the need for street lights becomes prominent. Hence in both the cases for the safe movement of vehicles and people on the road during night installing high power street lights is necessary.

The factors involved while installing lights on the road

When lights have to be installed on roads that have heavy traffic and also on streets that are commonly used as pedestrian walks the following aspects are taken into account:

  • The area which has to be illuminated:

The area plays a very important factor. For example a narrow street might be illuminated a few Street Light Led installations. If the street is not very long and has a dead end then a single led installation can also suffice. However when an entire road is to be illuminated then considering the length and breadth of the road for planning the number of installations becomes important. The lights have to be well spaced but if there are too few lights then the entire might not be well illuminated which will create problems for the drivers who are crossing the road at night.

  • The power of artificial lights that are to be installed:

Led Road Light is extremely popular as this type of light provides superior illumination and at the same time does not release any harmful gas in the environment. The power or brightness of a led light depends on the wattage and when Led Road Light are to be installed then the power of all the lights on the same lane should match. The brightness should be optimum so that all problems of visibility are removed. The area that is well lit by a single street light should be considered for determining the spacing of street light installations on the road.

Hence it can be understood that without enough light it can become very difficult to commute on the road and also on footpaths. Therefore it is vital to ensure the presence of quality led street lights for effective illumination.