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The beginner’s guide to create a YouTube channel



create a YouTube channel

YouTube is the best entertainer of our life. Chances are you watch at least 4-5 videos per day on YouTube. From funny to informative to inspirational to bloopers of our favorite show, it has everything. Many people have a channel on YouTube where they upload and share videos. It is a great way to share your creativity and earn decently.

That is why even brands are using this platform to engage more customers and promote their business. Many brands have created a YouTube channel where they post short videos about their product or create some amazing content related to it.

As most users love to watch videos, it is a great way to market your services in a fun and creative way. If you as a brand have not yet become a part of this trend, it’s time as it is not going anywhere.

This blog is a guide for brands who want to start a YouTube channel, let’s check it out.

Here’s the guide:

How to create a YouTube Channel?

1. Create an account

You can use your Gmail id to create an account on YouTube. If you don’t have a Gmail account, don’t worry. Create a new Gmail id and use that to sign in to YouTube. Once you do that your account is created.

2. Write a channel description

The second step to making a channel is providing a description.

  • For that, you need to access the channel settings. Select the personalized icon on the upper-right corner to show the drop-down menu list.
  • Select my channel from it and then click on customize channel. Then, under your username, click on the channel description button.
  • A box will show, and you can write the description here.

Tips for writing a great description:

  • It should justify your channel, and inform target people what it does and is about.
  • Describe what type of videos you will make, and upload to the channel.
  • Tell something about yourself
  • It should be short but must contain at least some keywords and one link.

3. Art- Banner

For your brand, YouTube channel art is crucial. It represents your brand and creates an impression. In YouTube, the main art is the banner. It is the big picture that you see at the top on all channels.

  • You will need a horizontal picture of the minimum size of 2048×1152 pixels. It should precisely represent your brand; go for a simple image for this purpose.
  • For adding the banner, click on add channel art on your main tab. It will provide you with instruction on how to add a banner.

4. YouTube Icon

Your YouTube icon is your profile picture that represents your brand. For an individual, their own picture works best. But for a brand, the icon must have their logo. The profile picture comes up when someone searches your channel.

To add an icon:

  • First, find a good image whose size is 800 x 800 pixels. Now, on the upper left corner of your banner, you will see a square box with a pencil.
  • Click on the pencil, a box will pop up and ask you to add/edit the picture.
  • After you click on add/edit, you can select an image from your channel or upload a new one.
  • Next, a box will come up with the image. Crop the portion of the image you want as your icon and click done.

Remember, Google will automatically put the icon in a circle. Also, the image you choose as your icon will become your profile picture for all Google tools including Gmail.

5. Uploading a video

Now you are ready to upload your video. Create an interesting and informative video and upload it.

  • For that, click on the camera icon with a + sign on the upper right corner of your page.
  • Here it will provide you with two options- Upload or go live. Through the ‘Go Live’ feature, you can share video in real time.
  • If you have recorded a video previously, select the upload button. It will instruct you further on how to share your first video.

6. Channel trailer

Now, once you have uploaded a bunch of videos, you can add a trailer to your channel. The trailer will consist of the best parts of your videos and images. It is great to bring in more customers, and anyone can see that trailer.

How to optimize your videos?

You want your videos to be successful and reach maximum audience. For that you need to optimize them. You can do that by adding the following:

7. YouTube Thumbnail

A thumbnail is an image that describes your video. It is the picture that appears above description on each video. It is different for all videos and is like your book cover. It provides a hint to the people what the video is all about and prompts them to watch the video.

It is the one thing that can convince people to click on your video or not. Hence, you need to design it properly. You can use the Canva tool to design YouTube thumbnail.

Here are some tips:

  • Use an image that is relevant to the video you are uploading.
  • Use colors and edit the thumbnail. Don’t make it too bright that it looks cheap either.
  • Use an image of the person/product on the thumbnail. Or you can add the same words or the whole title in it.

8. YouTube video title and description

  • Every video that you upload to your channel must have a description and video. Use keywords and keep in mind the target audience while writing these both.
  • The title limit is 70 characters and description 5000. The title should attract an audience and must be catchy and have a keyword or two.
  • The description should tell what the video is all about first. The rest information can come in later.

9. YouTube Tags

The tags help YouTube understand what your video is all about. They have a limit of 500 characters and must include keywords. The number of tags per video are limited to six only.

I hope this guide will help you to create a successful YouTube channel. Creating a channel is easy, but uploading good content and quality video will make it popular. So, make sure your content is great, and you perform all the necessary SEO techniques to optimize the video.