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Stop Smoking Without Putting On Weight



Stop Smoking

Are you afraid to quit smoking because you may gain weight? Well, your fear is justified since health experts explain that on average, people gain around 5 pounds after they stop smoking. Most people gain less than 10 pounds while others do not gain any weight at all. Whether one adds several pounds or not, they gain a healthier body, which is the important thing.

So, why do people gain weight when they stop smoking? Several things can explain this. Smoking accelerates metabolism so you burn more calories. When you quit, you will need fewer calories. Another thing is that smoking may suppress appetite, and once you stop smoking, you may find food tastier as well as craving sugary foods. There is also a possibility of substituting the hand-to-mouth movement of smoking with eating and mistaking nicotine cravings for hunger, which leads to overeating.

Here are some tips that can help you avoid adding weight when you quit smoking:

Boost your metabolism by working out

Since nicotine accelerates metabolism, when you quit smoking, your metabolism dips. However, you could speed it up by doing physical activities. If you were not engaging in physical activities previously, you need to start and maintain this habit as it is just as crucial as any other part of the smoking cessation process. You may also ensure that you have an active lifestyle by walking instead of driving, using the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on.

Use smoking cessation aids to deal with nicotine cravings

You need to ensure that you keep taking your smoking cessation medicines regularly to overcome nicotine cravings so you can focus and work on maintaining a healthy weight. One hard part about quitting smoking is having been used to the hand-to-mouth movements and engaging your mouth. You may consider vaping, which can even allow you to enjoy nicotine-free vapes, and this will take care of the hand to mouth motion, engage the mouth, and simulate smoking while keeping you away from the dangers of burning tobacco. It is critical to buy high-quality vape supplies, and you can check out the to find them.

Eat healthy snacks and regular meals

When you give up smoking, you will tend to feel hungrier since nicotine tends to trick the body into thinking it has consumed food, so in its absence, you will need to fill the gap. You should fill the void the right way. You can do so by eating healthy snacks between meals if you feel hungry. Such snacks include fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and fresh veggies. Besides that, drink enough water to complement your snacks. Another measure to avoid feeling hungrier is eating small portions frequently. To be sure if you are full, take 20-minute breaks after the main meals since it takes about 20 minutes to feel full. If you do not feel satisfied after about half an hour, you can eat healthy snacks or a light meal.

Take your time while eating

People often find that food tastes better after stopping the nicotine habit and end up overeating. Just because you find food tastier does not mean that you have to eat a lot. To succeed in this, chew your food slowly and savor every mouthful. You will realize when you are getting full to stop eating.

Although you could gain a few pounds after quitting smoking, the benefits are great, so you should not feel discouraged. You also stand a better chance of shaping your life once you overcome nicotine cravings as you will be more focused, so you can work out and watch your diet and portion sizes to manage your weight.