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PSL Season 4 is coming, get ready to get your hands on official PSL merchandises!



PSL Season 4

Sports is the game that we all love to play and when it comes to cricket we are crazy about it. In Pakistan there is a huge number of cricket fans, who eat cricket, sleep with cricket in fact cricket is life for them. Pakistani cricket players have influenced so many youngsters, that they are now pursuing cricket as their official career.

Can PSL beat IPL?

Even though some of them are getting fail in this journey of becoming a cricketer but still their hope isn’t coming low. Pakistani T20 cricket league wasn’t started way before, the whole new era of cricket league started by the Indian league named “Indian Premier League”.

A tournament of Indian league teams owned by well-known businessmen, celebrities, etc. it was a successful hit, but after some time, in Pakistan PCB also launched their very first edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL). PSL has played a key role in bringing back cricket in Pakistan. PSL was founded in Lahore in 2015, the league took place in Dubai in 2016.

How was the first edition?

In the first edition, 5 teams participated but now one more team added in the league. In the very first version, it got way much popularity all over the world, famous international players participated with such gratitude, that they came in further editions as well. Fun fact, before launching in 2016, the attempt to launch it before 2016 PCB failed twice.  

As it got more popular all over the globe, every year the way PSL create such hype is outstanding. Last year, semifinal and final took place in Pakistan which was the huge achievement for the Pakistan cricket board. In media matter, PSL achieved another milestone that is the total media value of the PSL which was 3 Billion RS. To create more impact on the cricket lovers, PSL anthem is the most beautiful thing, which caters the Pakistani players, people.

Every edition, the anthem has indulged every single cricket and non-cricket lovers to watch it. PSL anthem officially was sung by Pakistan’s Rock star Ali Zafar. Bringing back cricket in Pakistan, which highly motivated other international players that Pakistan is the safe country for cricket.

Even cricket lovers also got more involved in it. The tickets were sold way months before, people went crazy when this happened in Pakistan. PSL is now one of the well-established and popular league in the world, how it cannot be possible a league without its merchandises?

Where to get PSL merchandises from?

Online Store in Pakistan is filled with PSL merchandises, cricket lovers wait for such offers that online stores put up on cricket merchandises. Two three months before the league PSL t shirts online and PSL merchandise are available on various online stores of Pakistan. In the beginning, PSL merchandises were only available on local sports outlets, in which include on T shirts of the teams (some of them weren’t available).

During any PSL season, all the online stores start promoting PSL in their own way. Online stores got way many varieties in merchandise which allows the consumers to buy anything they want related to PSL. It includes T shirts, bags, mugs, Backpacks, official legit kit, caps, T shirts, Kurtis (for female), jackets. The most interesting thing, every team has their own merchandise collection which is amazing. Even now in the latest edition, some of the online stores started promoting PSL merchandises.

So, before your favorite team’s merchandise gets out of stock, grab it before the start of the 3rd edition. Because this time, PSL is going to be the next big thing. You can also get your hands on Pakistan cricket t shirt while you are browsing the internet.