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Make Tax Season Easier with the Right Software



Whether you’re filing as a household or as a business, having the right software makes tax season less of a headache.

You can do your taxes yourself the old-fashioned way, by hand, but why would you? There is tax software that helps you navigate all the forms yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. 

The Best Way to File Your Taxes

Before tax day arrives, ask yourself a few questions about your tax situation to determine the best way for you to file as an individual, or for your business.

How complicated is my status?

If you only have one job and it’s your only source of income, your taxes may be a walk in the park to file. However, if you have multiple incomes, lots of itemized deductions, or have experienced a lot of life changes (buying a house, having children, etc…), your status is more complicated. 

How soon are my taxes due?

Whether or not you have a complicated tax situation, you need to be aware of the looming deadline for filing. Tax Day in the United States is usually mid-April, and in 2022 it falls on April 18. Do you have enough time to sort through your paperwork yourself in order to meet the deadline for both state and federal taxes?

How much can I afford to pay for filing my taxes?

If you’re on a budget, doing your taxes by yourself may seem like the best option. On top of potentially owing taxes, you may not want to also shell out money to have someone prepare the forms for you.

On the flip side, hiring someone to go through your taxes and file them may actually save money. Here’s a look at what you may need to spend in order to file your taxes:

  • By hand yourself: Free if you don’t consider the cost of postage
  • Basic software: Between $20 and $50
  • Advanced software: Between $50 and $100
  • Hiring it out: A certified public accountant (CPA) or an attorney may run you upwards of $300

When considering how much you can afford to pay for filing your taxes, don’t forget to factor in the value of your time.

How much do you want to know about your taxes?

For some people, knowing the ins and outs of their tax status is important. For others, they just want to get it done and get a tax refund and forget about the process until next year. If you’re running a business, it’s probably a good idea to know as much about your taxes as possible. In the event you’re ever audited, it’s important to be informed. The IRS doesn’t care who’s been handling your taxes if they notice any discrepancies; the responsibility is all yours.

The bankruptcy experts at Rulon T. Burton know the importance of having a healthy financial record, as missteps can affect your credit score for years to come. In addition to properly handling your taxes each year, read what Burton and Associates have to say about making informed financial decisions HERE.

Best Tax Software

There’s still time to invest in a basic or advanced tax software and file your state and federal taxes yourself. If you’re willing to invest in the right eCommerce software to keep your business running smoothly, consider doing the same for your taxes. According to NerdWallet, the following are some of the best tax software options available for doing your taxes yourself.

  • H&R Block
  • TaxAct 
  • TurboTax 

H&R Block Free

You can use this tax software to file Form 1040, Schedules 1 and 3, W-2s (income wages), 1099-INT (bank interest), 1099-DIV (dividends), and 1098-E (student loan interest). You cannot use H&R Block Free to file Schedule A (itemized deductions), Schedule C (self-employed or freelance deduction/expenses), or 1099-SA (HSA distributions).

You can upgrade H&R Block to paid packages if you need to file itemized deductions and credits. If you’re self-employed, there’s a package for that as well.

TurboTax Free

This software allows you to file your 1040, and both state and federal returns. You can’t, however, itemize your filing or file Schedules 1, 2, or 3 with the free version. Like H&R Block, you can upgrade to paid packages for more advanced filings, including self-employment. People like TurboTax for its Q&A capabilities while filing.

TaxAct Free

You will need to budget for about $40 to file your state taxes with TaxAct, but it’s otherwise free to prepare simple taxes that include dependents. You can upgrade to other packages that allow for itemized deductions, self-employment income and expenses, such as Schedule C and Schedule F filings.


Dissertations Made Better with Technology




It is not rare for any postgraduate student to be fretting over their dissertations because a dissertation is not just an academic assignment but a consolidated overview of your years of toil and hard work, perfected to earn you your degree.

In retrospect, we have witnessed a technological boom with new technologies present in every aspect of our lives including and not limited to; our academic lives. We can conduct academic researches on the internet and obtain all kinds of information in the brink of a second. We can check our assignments for plagiarism through software online and organize our data as well. Moreover, there is a myriad of websites offering services pertaining to dissertations and theses. If you are searching for a thesis editing service because you feel that your thesis is not captivating enough, you can retain services online and have your work done with ease.

Which kinds of Softwares come in handy while we are working on our Dissertations?

The World Wide Web and Computers boast of a variety of softwares which one can keep in mind and utilise as per their preference and advantage. Thesis writing help is available in the form of softwares online. Every software is capable of performing separate functions and each of them is of importance as per the student’s requirement.

Let’s take a look at some kinds of softwares which can reap us benefits when we work on our dissertations;

Word Processing and Documentation Softwares such as Microsoft Suite

Microsoft Suite is one of the most essential tools used on a day to day basis in all organizations and for personal use as well. Microsoft Word for drafting documents and editing them; Microsoft PowerPoint for preparing slideshows and presentations; Microsoft Excel for compiling and sorting ginormous amounts of data primarily consisting of numbers. The suite has other tools as well such as OneNote for crafting sticky notes, Microsoft Project for project management, Microsoft Visio for designing flowcharts and diagrams, Microsoft Access for database management. The suite comprises of other programs as well but the mentioned software can prove to be of great benefit for students working on their dissertations.

Grammar and Spell checking software

For students done with their dissertations but fear that some sort of grammatical or spelling errors may be present in their dissertations can take help from many softwares such as SpellCheck Plus which not only identifies the mistakes, but instead summarises the mistakes in categories and teaches the student as well simultaneously. There are many good editing tools indeed which improve your vocabulary and grammar on the go while correcting your entire dissertation. Other tools consist of Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar Checker, Grammarly and many others.

Research Software

The internet is an infinite treasure chest consisting of uncountable bundles of information, and accordingly, you can seek help from a list of softwares such as Google Scholar and Research Gate which lists all kinds of research articles and publications as well as theses. Sparrho is an outstanding website if you are looking for scientific research and articles.

Plagiarism Checking Software

It is crucial to ensure that your finalised dissertation does not hint of any copied material otherwise you can risk disqualification and rejection from your supervisory committee. This rejection and disqualification can lead to hindrances in acquiring your degree. It’s best to have your work examined for probabilities of plagiarism via plagiarism checking softwares online.

Referencing Software

Organizing your entire work and adding citations and bibliographies are the most arduous tasks of all. But there are plenty of softwares which ease this task for you such as Docear, Mendeley and EndNote.

Backup Software

Maintaining a backup of your hard work is of the most paramount tasks of all because no matter how much effort you put into your dissertation, losing its only copy would render all of your sweat useless. Dropbox, Google Drive are highly beneficial in this regard for documents.

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50+ Windows 10 HD Wallpaper 1920×1080



Windows 10 HD Wallpaper

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System comes with a lot of new features. Microsoft’s Windows 10 changes its taskbar, window color according to the wallpaper you choose. Here is a collection of Windows 10 HD wallpapers for you to download for free.

These HD wallpapers with High Resolutions. If you want to download all HD images in High Resolution please go at the end of the post.

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