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How Your Body Produces Growth Hormone?



Growth Hormone

Growth hormones are becoming more and more popular. They are used in bodybuilding for muscle building, but also as an anti-aging or doping agent. But there are even more and more people who are interested in health.

Growth hormones keep the body young and healthy

Growth hormones trigger all cell renewal in the whole body. This ensures that cells that are worn or worn out can be replaced quickly. Of course, this also affects the cells of the immune system.

Therefore, it is essential that enough of these growth hormones (HGH) are always available. But how do you get enough growth hormones? Growth Hormone is synthesized by the anterior pituitary cells known as somatotrophs that release between 1-2 milligrams of the hormone every day. Inevitably, the HGH is essential for normal physical growth in children. However, its levels rise progressively during childhood and reach its peak point during the growth spurt occurring in puberty.

Artificially administer growth hormones

It is possible to supply such growth hormone (HGH) artificially. You can have it injected or take it orally. However, that’s a bit risky. The body needs HGH in many different places and makes no difference in artificial feeding, where he uses it. This means it’s easy to use anywhere, which can cause a change in appearance through very angular facial features.

Whether you want to take this risk, everyone has to decide for themselves. But considering that there are some ways to stimulate the production of growth hormone naturally, artificial supply becomes superfluous. Here are the top 5 tips on how you can boost the production of your body’s growth hormones.

Hungry Healthy

That may sound a bit absurd at first sight. But, the hormone ghrelin, which the body produces when it does not eat for a while, effectively stimulates the production of growth hormone. It is the same hormone that stimulates the appetite.

As you can see, daily hunger is healthy in the truest sense of the word and does not hurt in the least!


Proteins also stimulate the production of growth hormones. In particular, the amino acid arginine should have the best effect. For this reason, you should take enough protein daily. The amount your body needs cannot be reached through the normal diet. Therefore, you should also take protein powder to you.

A low blood sugar level

Another way to boost growth hormone production is low blood sugar levels. How do you achieve that? Quite simply, you look to take as few carbohydrates as possible. This is the ketogenic diet.

Anyway, I’m a fan of the ketogenic diet and can only recommend them anyway. You should try it. Not only can you lose great weight, but you can also boost your growth hormone production.

Physical activity

Of course, you can also through physical activity stimulate the production of growth hormones. A good example of this is strength training. Everyone knows that strength training makes muscles grow. And the growths of the muscles are growth hormones in action.

However, you do not necessarily have to do weight training to boost the production of growth hormones. Even with endurance training, this can be achieved.

A healthy deep sleep

The last item on my list is sleep. A good, healthy deep sleep can also start the production of your growth hormone. You should always go to bed at about the same time and sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours.

I always used to think that I could sleep 5-6 hours. In the short term, that may be true, but in the long term, the performance is significantly reduced. So serious that it pays to sleep 2 hours more. There are tons of providers out there offering best quality HGH injections for sale

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