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How to stay safe when using BBQs: an expert guide



BBQs Expert Guide

There’s nothing quite like dining under the warmth of the sun, in the great outdoors. It’s not surprising then, that when the weather is right, many of us jump at the chance to fire up the BBQ at every available opportunity. BBQs can be a great excuse to bring friends and family together, but they can also be fraught with potential health hazards.

Whether it’s ensuring food is cooked thoroughly and at the right temperature, or keeping people at a safe distance from the heat of the grill, it’s important to stay safety-aware so that everyone can relax and enjoy your BBQ without risk of injury.

Here, Flogas, who provide gas for BBQs, offer some words of advice.

Food preparation

With an estimate done million reports of food poisoning recorded in the UK each year, it’s clear that many of us still aren’t taking the proper precautions when handling and storing food.

Warm weather can create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria (with the summer months being particularly prevalent for food poisoning) but with some simple, easy-to-follow guidelines, you can help keep all your BBQ guests as safe as possible.

A great way to start is to stick by the rules of the four ‘c’s:

  1. Chilling
  • Always defrost your BBQ food overnight in a fridge, rather than leaving it to defrost at room temperature.
  • Allow any leftover cooked foods to cool and then store them in a fridge (within a two-hour window).
  • Don’t overfill your fridge – overfilling stops air from circulating properly.
  • Regularly check the temperature of your fridge with a thermometer.In-built fridge temperature gauges don’t always give the correct temperature!
  1. Cooking
  • When cooking meat, ensure it reaches the right temperature for long enough to kill any bacteria. If in doubt, use a cooking thermometer! For beef burgers, before eating the inside temperature should be roughly 71°C. Sausages should be 65°C, and it’s 73°C for chicken.
  • If you slice into the cooked meat, it should be steaming hot throughout.
  • None of the cooked meat should look pink when you cut into the thickest part.
  • All of the juices from the meat should run clear once cooked.
  1. Cleaning
  • Always clean any utensils, plates and chopping boards before and after cooking.
  • Don’t wash chicken or any other raw meat as splashing water containing harmful bacteria could spread to your food preparation areas.
  1. Cross-contamination
  • Cross-contamination often occurs when raw food touches or drips onto surfaces. Always use different plates, chopping boards and utensils for raw food and cooked food.
  • Washing hands in hot soapy water before and after handling food will reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Ensure that any raw foods are kept separate to food that’s ready toeat.

Feeling the heat: gas BBQ safety

There are many advantages to choosing a gas-powered BBQ over a charcoal BBQ. As well as being quicker to set up and easier to get going, they give users greater control over the temperature, meaning food is more likely to be cooked properly before serving.

With any gas-powered appliances, it’s important to follow some basic safety rules when cooking with gas cylinders:

  1. Cylinder safety can vary from brand to brand. Always follow the manufacturer’s advice when handling and using BBQ gas cylinders.
  2. If you need to change your gas cylinder, make sure that the tap is properly switched off before you start.
  3. If you think there’s the possibility of a leak on the cylinder or pipework, isolate the source and call your cylinder supplier’s emergency number immediately.
  4. After you’ve finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinder first (to ensure that any remaining gas is used), then turn the BBQ off at the controls.

General BBQ safety

As well as understanding the risks associated with under cooked food – and how to stay safe when handling gas –here are some general BBQ safety tips that can help prevent any unwanted accidents:

  1. It may sound obvious, but never barbecue indoors or on balconies.
  2. Be aware of where you are placing your BBQ.Keep it on flat ground as far away from flammable surfaces as possible (this includes sheds, fences, trees and tents).
  3. If there are children or pets nearby, keep them well clear of the cooking area.
  4. Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of an emergency.
  5. After cooking, do not attempt to the move the BBQ until it is cool.

Although the dangers associated with a BBQ shouldn’t prevent you from cooking up a storm, it’s important to keep safety front of mind.

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3 Easy Ways to Add More Water to Your Diet



Water to Your Diet

Water plays such an essential role in our wellbeing, and it can affect everything from our blood sugar levels, all the way up to our sleep quality and mental function. Still, it’s surprising to see how many people are almost chronically in a dehydrated state, often without them even realizing it. Thankfully, water is all around us, and there are plenty of ways that you can get water into your system without having to drink 8 glasses a day. Here are a few ways that you can add more water into your diet.

Eat Foods with a High Water Content

You don’t necessarily need to drink the water you need to be hydrated; you can also get it through your food. While some foods contain almost no water, others are made almost exclusively out of it. Cucumbers and iceberg lettuce are two prime examples. Watermelon is also an option. Other examples of fruits and vegetables high in water include grapefruits, strawberries, zucchini and tomatoes.

Make it Interesting

Some people just hate water, whether because what they get from the tap is not the best, or simply because they’ve formed a habit of drinking flavored drinks. But there are plenty of ways that you can jazz up water and make it palatable to you without ingesting too many calories.

If you want to stay hydrated, one of the best hydration tips that you can follow is adding a few squeezes of lemon to a cup of sparkling water. The reason why it’s one of the best tips for staying hydrated is that sparkling water will make you feel like you’re drinking just another fizzy drink, and not just plain ol’ lemon water.

If you want to learn more great tips on how to stay hydrated, read this post from Bevi. They have a few great tips such as switching your bottle for a tumbler during the winter and filling it up with your favorite tea, which is great for people who have to deal with Nordic climates. Another tip is to invest in a smart bottle that will notify you when it’s time for your water break, which is great for people who have trouble keeping track of their consumption.

There are also apps that will track everything from your daily calorie intake, steps and calories burned, to the amount of water you should be drinking. Some of the apps you can check out include iDrated, 8 Glasses a Day, and Daily Water Free.

Always Keep a Fresh Bottle

Having to constantly pay for fresh water can get expensive, and some would rather not drink water from a faucet. What you can do, however, is buy bottles in bulk and always bring some with you. If you want to make sure to have fresh water all day, keep them in a thermal lunch box and keep a couple of them frozen. These will keep the other ones chilled, and you’ll still have fresh cold bottles by the end of the day. If you don’t want to carry tons of bottles, one thing you could do is pick a used one-liter bottle, fill it halfway, freeze it, and fill the rest. This way, you’ll have fresh water until the frozen half has completely melted.

Adding water to your diet is easy. It’s all about dedication and being willing to change your habits. With these few simple tips, you should be able to increase your daily water intake and enjoy all the benefits.

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What does a healthy diet contain?



healthy diet

Actually, it is a myth of many people that a healthy diet is boring. No, not at all, it isn’t boring. You have the best taste of food in a healthy diet. Now a heavy diet and a healthy diet are one and the same thing but people still get confused in this. But let’s not get into the practicality of this rather we should see for yourself that it is true; healthy food is not at all boring.

Starting from fruits to vegetable salads, we can consume a lot of different nutrients and proteins in our diet. Not just this, shakes and smoothies are also some tasty ways to get a healthy meal. One more thing; if you are confusing yourself with a healthy diet restricting you to just a handful of choices then this is also not true. You get many options that can help you get the various important nutrients. And if you are unable to take nutrients from food then you can directly take a capsule that would help you in it. Needs promo codes will help you in getting these capsules at a better price.

Now let us have a look of things that one can eat to keep themselves healthy:


Now, this does not mean you forget berries at all. Fruits and berries are very important for a healthy body and they can provide you with a lot of added minerals and nutrients. Like you can have an apple a day. You might have heard that saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, haven’t you? Apples are rich in fiber and Vitamin C that can help your body digest the food well. It is also a rich source of anti- oxidants. You can obviously do some munching whenever you need it.


Now, this is one thing that you might very well agree on. Eggs are a very good source of protein and healthy cholesterol. If you are going to the gym regularly or even if you have a mindset of making your body a better one each day, then my friend you need an egg each day. It will give you protein as well as keep you warm. You can drink it raw with milk and sugar, half or full boil it and eat, or flatten it up to make an omelet. Yum, even thinking about this has made my mouth watery.


Gosh! How could have I forgotten this? Berries are tasty, juicy and fun to munch on. Be it a strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, Avocado or any other berry, you might not be belonging to earth if you don’t like any of them. These berries are not just tasty but they have their own properties and are rich in sources. You can get a good anti- oxidant’s diet from blueberry whereas strawberry is very rich in carbs and calories. Some of them are rich in protein and some have Vitamin C.

Oat meal

This is one form of product that can be taken in many forms. You can have Oat meal grain, biscuits, andother products as well. The Oat meal biscuits are a good source of protein that will give you a kick start in your day. Take it with juice, milk or raw it is up to you.

Dark Chocolates

Didn’t you see that coming? We have saved the best for the last. Yes! You saw it right, it is dark chocolates. You might have been scolded in your younger age by your parents on being so stubborn for chocolates. But now let them know that they were wrong. According to a research, it has been proven that dark chocolates are very good for health. They have powerful anti- oxidants in them which help them to give people a kick start in the day or a good energetic finish in the evening. And there is no one who would dislike one of the tastiest food items on this planet.

So, these are a few products that one should have for a healthy body and diet. You can take them at any point of time in the day. Apart from this, there are many other things you might be interested in. But trust me if you don’t keep a check on what you eat the time will come soon when you would use the 1mglabs coupon code for yourself. But if you don’t want to give yourself any kind of medicines then do switch to these food items or the others that would keep you healthy and sound.

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Coffee Lover’s tips for Making Iced Coffee at Home



Coffee Lover’s Iced Coffee

A major chill is clearing the espresso business as frosted espresso refreshments gain notoriety.

As per the National Coffee Association, 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drink espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees.

Frosted espresso can be as simple to get ready as frosted tea. An assortment of choices, for example, seasoning syrups, chilly drain, chocolate and flavors, enable you to make customized espresso blends that are similarly as tasty as those served in your most loved bistro.

Drinks, for example, frosted vanilla mocha, frosted rum espresso and frosted latte are anything but difficult to make at home. Here are a few hints for reviving frosted espresso drinks.

  • Pour the enhancing syrup into the glass first. To finish the beverage, pour in coffee or espresso, at that point the ice, and finish it off with chilly drain.
  • Don’t give your drink a chance to end up watered down. Cool your most loved espresso drink with ice 3D squares produced using crisp blended espresso rather than water.
  • Use a machine that delivers a great espresso or coffee. The Capresso CoffeeTeam Luxe, for instance, grinds espresso beans just before blending and enables you to control the quality of your espresso.
  • Be imaginative. Add a customized touch to your frosted espresso refreshments with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, nutmeg or cinnamon.

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