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How much money should you spend on a drone?



spend on a drone

Drones aren’t usually expensive, but you need to make sure that you’re getting good features for the amount you’re paying. One of the best ways to do this is by checking out the features of the drone which give it the ability to function appropriately. 

The Best Drones Under $100

One of the best drones under $100 is the holystone HS 150 which is suitable for beginners and children. Some of its features include portability, ease of use and steadiness. The drone is easy to move around making it friendly for children and is also easy to control making it ideal for beginners. Although it has a shorter transmission range for live recording, its video features produce high-quality images. It has a good battery that is easily rechargeable and can support it for up to 10 minutes.

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The Best Drones Under $200

If your budget is under $200, you can also find the best drone for the money. MJX bugs B5W comes with a camera that you can use to get pictures and videos is fitted with motors that increase its stability even on windy days and has long ranges. Its battery has a long life of up to 13 minutes when the camera is being used but can last longer without the camera use, and the videos will bring about high-quality images. With its flight tracking software, you can be sure that safety is covered the auto return ensures you get back your drone. This drone is one of the best performing drones that will ensure you get maximum entertainment.

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The Best Drones Under $300

With the GPS instilled in this drone, you are guaranteed that the drone will not run into anything else. Its high definition camera gives you amazing videos while the different modes ensure you use the right control to direct the drone. This drone is easier to control with the app which you have to install in your phone, but the holder that comes with the remote control makes it easier for you to carry your phone when using the drone.

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The Best Drones Under $500

DJI Phantom 3 standard is the perfect example of a good drone that you can get under the $500 mark. It gives you up to 25 minutes of flight time, but the best part is that you can carry extra batteries and exchange them when the need arises. It also has GPS, auto return, and vision positioning that all help with location. The camera has great definition, and the lens can rotate for up to 94 degrees. Additional features such as way-point will ensure you get the best experience with this drone.

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The Best Drones Under $1000

DJI Phantom 4 is the improvement of the Phantom 3, which means that its features and functionality are more amazing. For less than $1000, you get up to 7000 meters of range, 31 minutes of flying time with one battery and sensors that prevent a collision. By just tapping on the screen you can direct the drone whereas the app allows you to connect and share captures videos with your friends. This drone has many more features that you should try out yourself. 

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All these drones are easy to control and will make sure you have an enjoyable time outdoors. Each category has the best drone for the money, but in the linked reviews you will find plenty of other models each specializing in something special.

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