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Establish Your Law Firm Brand in an Online Legal Marketplace



If you use the internet for professional purposes. You have an online brand as an attorney. The same is true for your law firm; if it has a website and social media accounts, it has an online brand.

The brands can be positive or negative, but they absolutely exist. This reality means you and your firm must work to establish good impressions of yourself and your legal practice. The best law firm branding comes from figuring out what you have to offer and making it clear to potential clients and professional collaborators that they can rely on you to deliver.

Building a strong brand that conveys trust, garners client referrals, and makes you a resource for media outlets and other practitioners does not happen overnight. Nor does it happen by chance. You and your Ohio lawyers marketing team must focus on website content, webpage design, messaging, and marketing in order reach and attract the people you wish to serve.

What Makes a Lawyer and a Law Firm’s Brand Valuable?

When thinking about bolstering your brand identity, focus on what you can do to communicate the sense that you and your colleagues are among the leading practitioners in your professional and geographic areas. A good way to do this is to regularly include city, state, and case subjects in your webpages, social media posts, and printed marketing materials.

For instance, “Smith Law, Personal Injury Attorneys for Cleveland” leaves no questions regarding where you practice and what you do. Similarly, “Jones & Jones, Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers” indicates you stand ready to serve all people across the state when they run into problems with debt. Working with a Columbus SEO company can help you focus on the keywords and phrases that best capture and convey your identity.

Other factors that play into establishing your brand are the quality and usefulness of your web articles and blog posts, the appearance of your physical offices, the responsiveness of your staff to clients’ calls and emails, and your track record of securing the best results for clients and co-counsels. Last, keep in mind that your online product is the information you share, so make sure it is always accurate, up to date, easy to understand, and concludes with a call to action like “Contact us for more information.”

How Can You Stand Out Online?

Visit the websites and social media accounts of your competitors. Do not shy away from adapting good ideas, but make sure not to copy. Develop unique color schemes and layouts for your own webpages. Use those design elements and the logos you chose for the site in your printed marketing materials.

Perhaps even more importantly, highlight the services you offer that your competitors do not. Perhaps your family law practice has decades of experience representing military spouses? Maybe you concentrate on criminal assault defense when most other nearby defense firms prefer traffic and OVI cases.

In short, distinguish yourself. Establishing your online reputation as the go-to law firm or attorney in a city, county, or state gives you a solid foundation for expanding your practice into related areas of law.

How Do Will You Know if Your Branding Efforts Are Working?

Tracking the success of your online branding efforts requires completing three steps:

  • First, define what you want your online brand to be. Answer the questions of what you do, who you serve, and what clients and co-counsels should expect when working with you and the firm.
  • Second, develop and share (i.e., market) messages that communicate that brand in the form of web articles, case results, attorney bios, social media posts, and videos.
  • Third, collect and analyze data on website visits, social media engagement, and the rates at which people who view your online content both contact you and go on to hire one of your firm’s attorneys.