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Easiest Learning Curve with 5 Freelancing Careers | Journey Towards the Side Hustle



Learning Curve with 5 Freelancing Careers

Freelancing is such a fantastic thing. You are exploring your skills beyond your limits. Just like any data, you can share any service to anyone from any part of the world. Primarily due to the trending news about coronavirus, which says it will stay with us for a long time now. That is sad as there is also a risk of maintaining social distancing with people. But for the freelancers, it is not as they have to assist from home. Not only due to pandemic becoming freelancing is profitable, but you do side hustle while studying or working.

 As a student, you can curve your skills into a real big deal. If your state or country does not fascinate your skills, then you can provide to worldwide clients who may be in need. This way, you can decide to hustle and earn a bit for your expenses. Your skills can turn into a big win situation if you apply the right strategy and once you start to receive the payments in dollars, which can be huge if you belong to an underdeveloped country.

 Suppose you do not have any particular skills as a gift, no worries. There are literally many competencies that do not need any specific talent; just a basic knowledge will do.

There is no easy money as such in freelancing. All the work to accomplish should have an education, more or less. Even though I will list down some of these, which only requires a few affordances or learning at the beginning. If you manage to be on the right track, you may achieve that success by receiving wages to cut down the expenses.

Some of the Skills Highlighted May Help You to Curve Towards Freelancing Career:

 Content Writing

 The best way to put your footstep into freelancing is by writing. If you belong to the English community or know how to write significant content, then no better thing then becoming a content writer. Being a writer, you should be able to deliver helpful vocabulary with no grammar errors.

 In a world full of context, people are in demand for writers who can deliver content daily. Some of them are bloggers who own multiple blogs, and physically it gets frustrating to write on different websites, so they hire writers.

 These skills are in-build into some people as talent. As a college student, you would have edited your image for uploading on different social media platforms. Or, unfortunately, for making your memories video, you would have cut and added a few things.

 There is a vast demand for editors throughout the world as people either do not have time or knowledge about editing, so they hire editors. Some clients may offer you professional work, which requires a high level of editing skills.

 You can learn editing from google or any other platform which provides the free course. Discovering them, and you can start editing things and adding value. In the end, I have listed from where you will begin to freelance and get your first project in no time.

 To get the work and build your network and portfolio,

you initially have work for free or at low rates, so this way, you can get your first project to work on. Slowly building your portfolio, start giving extra value for a small price. Once you get that experience about content writing and image/video editing, you will land high paying clients. After that, you may start outsourcing your work as a middle man.


You know there is passive income a real thing. But to reach that level, at the start, it is all hard and looks impossible. People have reached that level and for really making money even while sleeping. But they kept working with a high level of patience. The method is called blogging.

 Blogging is the gateway to many passive ways of earning.

If you are a content writer, you can create your blog website about any fucking thing you are interested in. Keep publishing posts on a weekly basis. Slowly know how you can rank your post and get traffic with different methods, and the most organic one is by SEO. after you start getting a decent amount of traffic over your blogs, apply for Google Adsense.

Getting approved by google may be a great deal, try to monitor as per guidelines provided by Google.

This is not a rapid process, but once you start gaining a few dollars and try ranking your post on the top list, it will turn into passive income.

Another method is by affiliate marketing, selling products online. Affiliate network means to sell something and, in return, will get a particular amount of commission after someone buys your product through your link.

This is also a way of passive income and a fast way to double your earning every month. In Google AdSense, you will grow slowly. But before writing an affiliate blog, you have to do a high level of research as there are techniques to research on which product you should write.

The best way to drive sales of affiliate products is by writing product reviews and comparing two products’ kinds of blogs.

Both the methods need a website, and for building your own site, you have to make a little investment into hosting and domain.

 These are three comfortable ways anyone can do freelancing, and the best part of them is you can do a big hustle if you take an interest. Many people of any age are making 6 figures incoming every month, so can you for sure.

 Other than that, if you want to do a side hustle for overcoming your monthly tariff, then here are some of the no skills required areas of work anybody can do in their free time.

 YouTube Intro/Outro

Just need a decent value towards editing. Many free platforms help you out with the making of youtube intros and outros.


if you have command on your kitchen, then this is for you.

You can help other people to teach them how to make some recipes you know via the internet. Other than that, you can write articles on your recipe and can create a youtube channel also.


Tons of websites take surveys and pays you an amount. But it is not necessary you will be eligible for every review they conduct. This way, you can earn a few bucks.

 The best way to get clients is from social media. literally, there are tons of means to do freelancing, as their people offer and require a variety of work for freelancers. Getting your first project to curve about will be easy as compared to the freelancing sites. Luckily once you build that trust with people, there is no deficiency of work.

A career in freelancing with this easiest learning ways will be as one started implementing with the right mindset.

Freelancing is the thing that shows leaving the overrated college degrees; there is something that may be regarding their area of interest, which helps you to communicate worldwide. Youth are getting known to this methodology that is just staying at your house one can earn beyond the imagination.

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