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Dengue Virus: 33 cases of dengue in Oman



A dengue fever frighten has hit Muscat after three people were affirmed to have gotten the infection in Oman. While the vector-borne ailment isn’t new to Oman, the vast majority of the cases beforehand were transported in – patients were chomped somewhere else and showed indications of the disease on returning.

Speaking toMuscat Daily, Dr. Said al Mukhaini, head, Malaria Epidemiology, and Vector-borne sicknesses area, in the Ministry of Health (MoH) said that 33 dengue cases were accounted for this year. ‘Of 33 cases, 30 were foreign. Three gotten the infection locally and along these lines, we must be progressively concerned.’

Dr. Mukhaini said this is the first occasion when that such a case has been accounted for in Muscat [in Seeb] and MoH has ventured up reconnaissance to handle any potential flood in cases.

‘Our group is researching. A study is being directed through the arbitrary visit of houses in Seeb. We are executing preventive measures to control the spread. Along these lines, we look for collaboration from open in such manner.’

Aedes aegypti is a mosquito that can spread dengue fever. Individuals contaminated have gentle or no side effects.

Indications of dengue might be mistaken for different sicknesses that reason fever and influenza-like disease. ‘Side effects incorporate high fever, muscle torment, and a rash.’

Dengue may not be endemic to Oman but rather its spread can be checked by averting gathering of dormant water.

‘We call upon people, in general, to be watchful and abstain from leaving swimming pool water unaltered for quite a long time.

‘Likewise, there is a need to change drinking water left for creatures and winged creatures outside all the time to maintain a strategic distance from such creepy crawlies from reproducing there. The individuals who utilize utilized tires for improvement or cultivating ought to guarantee they are dry as they can be rearing spot for creepy crawlies,’ Dr. Mukhaini said.