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Chinese youngster Guan Yu Zhou gets Renault Formula 1 team role for 2019



Guan Yu Zhou

The exceptionally evaluated Chinese youth, who went separate ways with the Scuderia having completed eighth in the European Formula 3 title for a second progressive year, is planning for his presentation season in Formula 2, which will see him race for the UNI-Virtuosi squad – in the past known as Russian Time.

What’s more, Zhou will consolidate his F2 obligations with a Development Driver job at Renault, with the Enstone-put together squad affirming with respect to Tuesday that his 2019 job will incorporate driving the group’s test system and taking an interest in building briefings.

“It’s colossal respect to join Renault Sports Racing as an Academy part and the Formula 1 Team’s Development Driver and I can hardly wait to begin,” said Zhou.

“Renault has huge aspirations – both for the Formula 1 group and the Academy – and that is something which persuades me.

“I know the importance of Renault in China, so I’m particularly pleased to speak to both Renault, as a brand, and China in the dashing scene. Equation 2 is the following stage in my profession. It appears to be a focused field of drivers and there will be a long way to go in a short space of time.

“I’ve been buckling down amid the winter and the three-day Formula 2 testing in Abu Dhabi was massively valuable. I’m anticipating drawing on Renault’s assistance and counsel this season as I go for progress and trophies.”

The 19-year-old grabbed two successes in the European F2 title last season – in Pau and Hockenheim – just as four further platform completions, and Renault will look build up the protege as he eyes a potential F1 situate in years to come.

Renault Sports Academy Director, Mia Sharizman, included: “We’re eager to uncover Guanyu as a Renault Sports Academy part and the group’s Formula 1 Development Driver during the current year.

“Guanyu has demonstrated his capacity as an amazing driver in the aggressive European Formula 3 Championship. We’ve been observing Guanyu for quite a while and we’re exceptionally cheerful to sign him onto the youthful driver program.

“In Guanyu, we have a dedicated, capable individual and we will point further create him this season in the Formula 2 Championship.”

Chinese fans will unquestionably be energized as well – Zhou’s job as a Development Driver makes him the main driver from the country to possess a Formula 1 job with a producer group.

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Manchester United now have the perfect succession plan for their strikers



When Odion Ighalo gets around to writing his autobiography the chapter devoted to his time at Manchester United will make for fascinating reading.

From the moment all his dreams came true at once when Ighalo signed for his boyhood club on January 31, to shaking off the doubters and turning himself into a cult hero inside eight appearances and just over 350 minutes on the pitch.

Then came the shattering realisation that the move he thought would never happen and the chance that he thought would never arrive might be over just as it had got going.

Ighalo’s four-month loan spell threatened to amount to just 25 days from first game to last, but Monday’s confirmation that his temporary move has been extended meant he was all smiles arriving at Carrington. Not only will he see out this season with United, but he’ll probably be involved in a good chunk of the 2020/21 campaign as well before returning to China at the end of January.

Such has been his impact in a short space of time that news was greeted with delight amongst United fans and the 30-year-old will clearly have a role to play between now and his return to Shanghai Shenhua for the 2021 Chinese Super League season.

He’s been a valuable impact sub in the Premier League and a reliable stand-in in the FA Cup and Europa League, taking the pressure and the strain off Anthony Martial, who has benefited as a result, scoring four goals in five starts since Ighalo’s arrival.

Ighalo’s extension might well have worked out perfectly for United, who can now ease back on the need to sign a striker in this summer’s transfer window.

While the dates for that window and for next season remain unclear, given this campaign isn’t going to end until August, you would expect the end of January next year to be around the midway point, at least, of 2020/21.

So having a back-up striker who is already settled at the club and has proved his worth in situ has to be good news. It allows United to focus on other areas when the transfer window does open, namely prising Jadon Sancho away from Borussia Dortmund and attempting to sign Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish.

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Top 3 Tips that will tell you how to jump higher



jump higher

People usually ask a lot of questions over time asking about how to jump higher. Vertical leap is kind of like a jump shot. The technique is extremely important, and if you fix your technique you can instantly improve your vertical jump and also like the jump shot, the technique doesn’t change.

Once you master that technique, then your potential goes higher with your vertical jump, but you will always have some vertical jump that you are missing out if you don’t master your technique. I am going to tell you about three tips that you add to your technique today and I guarantee you within a few days you will be jumping three to seven inches higher. We will tell you top 3 tips that will tell you how to jump higher.

How to Jump Higher

Jump higher isn’t always that much touch. You need to perform a bit workout to jump that much higher. Those sorts of exercises increase your muscles strength and your body flexibility level this is very useful in jumping higher. Today you will get the answer of the most famous question How to jump higher.

1st Tip – Dorsiflexion

Now the first part of vertical jump is dorsiflexion because this is the key like if you want to jump higher, you have to leap with it. Dorsiflexion is all about the ankle position and our foot where our toes are. So if your toes are up that is dorsiflexion if your toes are down this is plantar flexion.

So a lot of players use tiptoe into the vert, and then they bounce off their toes, and it’s a weak vertical bounce. Plantar flexion is jumping off using your toes that is not really powerful. Dorsiflexion is jumping off with the ball of your foot which might be one of the most powerful parts of your and the fact that it can generate the most force out of any part of your body.

First, you got to practice running and jumping with dorsiflexion. When you learn this technique, it will instantly improve your jumping once you mastered it, but it took you a little to master. One of the thing that you would do is, start walking with dorsiflexion. Just practice when you are walking around. Just really emphasize putting your toes up.

The other thing that you can do is practice dorsi hops So that you understand how to jump higher off dorsiflexion. So instead of doing hops with your toes do them will the ball of your foot. Pop your straight foot up and down. So master dorsiflexion, and you will see increases in your leap.

2nd Tip – Penultimate

Now the next tip to instantly increase your vertical jump is that you should increase the speed of your penultimate step. So if you are a two-foot jumper. The faster your penultimate is, the higher you are going to leap. The reason is that because when you are running the jump, you are trying to take your horizontal speed vertical as fast as possible.
Now you can do a few exercises that you can do to work on that. One exercise you can do is to leap through some obstacles. You are practicing running in the air which helps you to fasten your penultimate.

3rd Tip – Exercise

The next most important thing is exercise. Exercise is essential to warm up the muscle tissue before stretching. Or maybe acting any strenuous activity to growth blood flow to the muscles.
Phases exercises need to be broken into phases because as you go on, muscle tissues adapt to the exercise intensity making the exercise obsolete frequency.

Have a regular rate that guarantees proper, consistent, and certain workout routines. Remember taking 1-minute rest in between exercise sets. Record your progress. Continually track how much development you have made after an exercise week. It allows you to maintain your encouraged.

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PSL Season 4 is coming, get ready to get your hands on official PSL merchandises!



PSL Season 4

Sports is the game that we all love to play and when it comes to cricket we are crazy about it. In Pakistan there is a huge number of cricket fans, who eat cricket, sleep with cricket in fact cricket is life for them. Pakistani cricket players have influenced so many youngsters, that they are now pursuing cricket as their official career.

Can PSL beat IPL?

Even though some of them are getting fail in this journey of becoming a cricketer but still their hope isn’t coming low. Pakistani T20 cricket league wasn’t started way before, the whole new era of cricket league started by the Indian league named “Indian Premier League”.

A tournament of Indian league teams owned by well-known businessmen, celebrities, etc. it was a successful hit, but after some time, in Pakistan PCB also launched their very first edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL). PSL has played a key role in bringing back cricket in Pakistan. PSL was founded in Lahore in 2015, the league took place in Dubai in 2016.

How was the first edition?

In the first edition, 5 teams participated but now one more team added in the league. In the very first version, it got way much popularity all over the world, famous international players participated with such gratitude, that they came in further editions as well. Fun fact, before launching in 2016, the attempt to launch it before 2016 PCB failed twice.  

As it got more popular all over the globe, every year the way PSL create such hype is outstanding. Last year, semifinal and final took place in Pakistan which was the huge achievement for the Pakistan cricket board. In media matter, PSL achieved another milestone that is the total media value of the PSL which was 3 Billion RS. To create more impact on the cricket lovers, PSL anthem is the most beautiful thing, which caters the Pakistani players, people.

Every edition, the anthem has indulged every single cricket and non-cricket lovers to watch it. PSL anthem officially was sung by Pakistan’s Rock star Ali Zafar. Bringing back cricket in Pakistan, which highly motivated other international players that Pakistan is the safe country for cricket.

Even cricket lovers also got more involved in it. The tickets were sold way months before, people went crazy when this happened in Pakistan. PSL is now one of the well-established and popular league in the world, how it cannot be possible a league without its merchandises?

Where to get PSL merchandises from?

Online Store in Pakistan is filled with PSL merchandises, cricket lovers wait for such offers that online stores put up on cricket merchandises. Two three months before the league PSL t shirts online and PSL merchandise are available on various online stores of Pakistan. In the beginning, PSL merchandises were only available on local sports outlets, in which include on T shirts of the teams (some of them weren’t available).

During any PSL season, all the online stores start promoting PSL in their own way. Online stores got way many varieties in merchandise which allows the consumers to buy anything they want related to PSL. It includes T shirts, bags, mugs, Backpacks, official legit kit, caps, T shirts, Kurtis (for female), jackets. The most interesting thing, every team has their own merchandise collection which is amazing. Even now in the latest edition, some of the online stores started promoting PSL merchandises.

So, before your favorite team’s merchandise gets out of stock, grab it before the start of the 3rd edition. Because this time, PSL is going to be the next big thing. You can also get your hands on Pakistan cricket t shirt while you are browsing the internet.

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