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Best Places to Visit in Spain



Best Places in Spain

Best Places in Spain has so much to this sizzling corner of the world than just blue skies and topping up our tans. Apart from its wealth of historical monuments, Spain’s best places produce some of the finest wine in the world and in the time-honored tradition, which you’ll often get served free tapas with your drinks. As for its gastronomy, the country boasts some mouth-watering dishes that reinvent your idea of what good food is. These most beautiful places in Spain to visit will blow your mind:

List of Places to Visit In Spain


1. Cadiz

Stylish and stunning Cadiz is one of Andalucía’s most underrated places to visit in Spain. Hiding behind its old city walls on a peninsula which just out from the mainland and Cadiz is under the traveler’s radar that is why you must visit. Cadiz boasts pristine beaches and plenty of fresh seafood too. A great way to get your bearings and explore by hiring a bicycle and circumnavigate the city’s edges.

2. Toledo

Until the mid 15th century, Toledo was Spain’s former capital. It is home to a large chunk of the country’s monuments. It’s also known as the city of three cultures as Arabs, Christians, and Jews who lived together for centuries behind its impressive city walls. Almost an island city that is surrounded by the River Tajo on three sides, Toledo is enough to explore on foot as it is quite small, although one of the best ways to discover the city is to literally get lost by wandering around the city’s medieval streets. This is especially exciting at night because you feel like being been transported back to the Middle Ages. The old town is a treasure of churches, palaces, fortresses, many mosques, earning it the reputation of an open-air museum and UNESCO Heritage Site award in 1986.


3. Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be an architectural wonder and the communication hub of Torre de Collserola proves it right, once again. It is designed by Sir Norman Foster, Torre de Collserola stands 560 meters above the sea level and serves as the tallest building in Barcelona. Scaling new heights, the magnificence of this tower that is felt from the observation deck located on the 10th floor makes it one of the most romantic places in Spain to visit.

4. Tossa De Mar

If you want to experience coastal Catalonia without the massive crowds, Tossa de Mar is the place to visit you might find in Barcelona. It is popular because of its beaches, this is definitely one of the most amazing places to visit in Spain for your dose of sun, sea, and sand.  You would also love to see a good slice of history to explore at Tossa de Mar, which includes a 2,000-year-old Roman villa and a church dating back to the 18th Century. Apart from this, you can also see the Costa Brava’s only surviving fortified town here, which is like walking around a living museum. The boats bobbing in the harbor, history, beaches, and food make Tossa de Mar a dream place to visit in Spain.

5. Park Guell

This place is perched high on the Carmel Hill, one cannot help but think how pretty this public park of Parc Guell can look. Being one of the best places in Barcelona, Spain, Parc Guell or Park Guell was designed by none other than the great Antoni Gaudí. An entrance fee is applicable to explore the Monumental Zone that includes the main entrance, terrace, and mosaics whereas entry remains free to visit the Park.

6. El Acebuchal

This one of the amazing places in Spain has been given the title ‘The Lost Village,’ which is basically just asking for eager tourists to turn up, cameras in hand, ready to snap some pics of a ghost town. But don’t be fooled by the name, this place is now happily inhabited, but 50 years ago it wasn’t the same story. The most peculiar thing about this place is said that the village was on ‘the wrong side’ of the Spanish Civil War and shit hit the fan when Franco made sure that the Republican supporters were ousted.  Nowadays, some families that were trapped in the past for some time have returned and El Acebuchal is a charming, amazing place and beautiful village to visit in Spain.

7. Santiago de Compostela

The Galician capital is the final destination for millions of languid pilgrims completing the Camino de Santiago each year. Santiago is one of the most magnificent old towns in Europe, with a maze of cobblestone streets laced with gothic buildings galore. A nighttime stroll here is highly recommended, as the medieval streets take an old-world vibe after dark. Eating is an amazing experience in Santiago and the tapas bars are legendary. Head down Rua do Franco for a mouth-watering selection of foods where you’ll get the “Galician-style octopus” going down very nicely with the local Albariño wine will make you an amazing feel.

8. Segovia

It is considered one of the top tourist places in Spain. Those of you who are dying heart fan of Disney; this is the place is the paradise for you.  The historic Alcázar Castle was the inspiration for Cinderella’s palace in the Disney film that exists in Segovia. The town of Segovia itself is heaven. Many people believe that it is established by Hercules.

9. Valencia

It’s not about Madrid and Barcelona. The city acclaimed for its football, Valencia has a great deal of letting it all out too. It is one of the top 10 places in Spain. As the third-greatest city in Spain, Valencia likes to publicize itself as the city of expressions and sciences which bodes well, however we like it for its Mediterranean way of life too. It’s the sort of city you can really envision yourself living in; there are heaps of delicious spots to eat (think paella), a vibey nightlife, and a recreation center that breezes its way through the center of the city right to the sea, you can also plan your trip to best cities to visit in Spain.

10. Cordoba

It’s not as touristy as its neighbors Seville and Granada, Cordoba must be visited. Once the great place of the medieval world, Cordoba was the capital of Al-Andalus, the Muslim occupied the part of the Iberian Peninsula and home to the grandest mosques in the western world.

11. Granada

It is the last castle, Islamic occupation of Spain, Granada has a mesmerizing mocktail of Muslim and Spanish heritage. Home to the Alhambra Palace the city is overlooked by the Sierra Nevada mountain range. What’s more, Granada is one of the Spain best places that still offer free tapas making it a must for foodies. Those romantics might want to watch the sunset from the Mirador of San Nicolas in the Albaicin Quarter for a nice view of the Alhambra Palace.

12. Reina Sofia Museum

This museum in the capital city, Madrid is one of the popular tourist destinations and the scariest places in Spain. But it has a haunted reputation too. History says that this building was used as a hospital from the early 17th century for long nearly 300years. Then patients were looked after by religious people and members of the church. Perhaps, for this reason, people have seen spectral figures here in the museum that resembles nuns. Besides lifts are said to move on their own. Disembodied voices are also heard here.

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