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Email Marketing

If you have made a website to run your clothing line or food delivery business, then it is not enough. You need to work on that website too. You need to post pictures and vivid content of your product and services on it. And after this, you need to grow visitors and traffic on it to get customers. To get visitors and customers, you need to promote your website or services. There are many ways to market your site. But the cheapest way is to build email lead. In email lead, you have to collect email addresses of your visitors and then send them updates and news about your startup to them via email. There are many software’s which can help you with email marketing. Some of them are

  1. HubSpot CRM: It is the free of cost email marketing software which offers that features that others offer in paid plan. HubSpot CRM make the time consuming process of emailing to all visitors fast by giving you option to personalization. You can organize the whole list in you desired sequence of email lead. Moreover you can choose time to email them. To make the process faster, you can select any one template and font for all time. Furthermore, this software can notify you too that user has opened the mail or not. Thus, HubSpot CRM is completely free to use. You just need to signup there to access its app.
  2. Wix ShoutOut: It is the decent software to use for email marketing that anyone can use. Like evey creative software, it offers it users to customize the template and font to create attractive newsletters. Moreover, the software can show your newsletters completely to all of your users, either they use cellphone or computer. It is cell ready. It has two plans: free plan and paid plan. Free plan can be send 5000 mails per month. Yet, paid plan can send more than 9000 mails every month. It would cost you $4.9. If you have to send more than 10000 mails then you have to select business packages.
  3. MailChimp: If your business is at its beginning stage, then use MailChimp! MailChimp provides you
  • Templates
  • Built-in apps
  • Built-in signup forms
  • E-commerce
  • Analysis on how much emails are found attractive by users and much more.

Moreover, MailChimp can help you to target audience on the basis of its taste and precious purchases.

Furthermore, you have option to use either its free plan or paid plan. It free plan includes signup forms, analytics, creation of campaigns and data insight. Moreover, you can send 12,000 mails every month to your 2000 subscribers in this plan. Yet, paid plan will cost you $10 but it will provide you advanced features and support too.

So, these are the top 3 email marketing software which everyone can use whether he or she is an employee or student who likes to do business in free hours or a professional businessman or businesswoman. So choose what you like the most!