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7 Characteristics every Content Marketer must have to become a successful Content Writer



Content Marketer

With hundreds of marketers and business organizations spending thousands from their budget on content marketing, there’s no denying that content marketing will be one of the highest paid jobs in the coming years. The marketing world is overflowing with tactics and techniques required to attract the targeted audience. However, content marketing is becoming a widely accepted marketing phenomenon.  

Content Marketer

By providing a promising increase in user acquisition and engagement, relevant and high-quality content is the driving force of today’s marketing world. Companies and business organizations using content marketing as their core marketing strategy have increased their marketing budgets for outsourcing and producing high-quality content.

With hundreds and thousands of digital marketers, almost every marketer is producing and creating content for marketing purposes which sums up to a huge number. However, an experienced marketer knows that great content marketing is all about the quality of the content rather than the number of published blogs and articles.

This brings us to the most important feature of high-quality content which is consistency. If you are consistently put less but high-quality content regularly you will experience an obvious improvement in marketing results. It requires a particular kind of marketer and marketing strategy to translate the quality of content into business success.

Becoming a content marketer is no easy job. However, knowing how to leverage the content creating skills to produce great content on your own is a whole next level of content expertise. It takes a particular type of content marketing skill set to become an equally successful content writer.

Content Marketer

Just like peanut butter and jelly go together, a well-composed content needs a great content marketer but what if the marketer is also equipped with content creation and writing skills? It all starts with how you explore your writing skills. Whether you are an on a marketing team or you are riding solo in your writing journey, here are some of the tried and tested habits and characteristics that can make any content marketer, a well-versed writer:

An Ambitious Drive:

A good content marketer implements every marketing tactic for attracting more audience, expanding the customer base and retaining the loyalty of the customers. From documenting content and constituting a content strategy to integrating the composed in that strategy, a content marketer has to excel in all these aspects to be successful. Most of the marketers don’t have the desire to be a resource of information to support their customers and prospects.


To become the go-to source for your customers, adaptability is the key to making high-quality and well-composed content. If the tone and style of the content don’t go with the purpose and objective of the written piece than the content falls flat. Depending on who your targeted audience is, the tone of your blog should be reader-oriented. The more writing styles you know, the more quickly you can acquaint yourself with different writing styles and content types.

Focused Knowledge And Expertise:

One of the biggest blunder that many content marketers make when it comes to content composition is a lack of specialization. If you work as a content marketer at a manufacturing company and writes on HR topics, then the results are drastic, and all your efforts are a complete waste of time.

Become an expert in your industry and market niche. Be an expert in your area, pinpoint all the pain points of your targeted audience and cover those points by writing about the solutions of those challenges.

Understanding of SEO:

Every great content marketer and writer know the importance of search engine optimization. A great writer not only writes as per the latest SEO trends but he also stays on top of all those trends by following the advanced approaches and techniques. Every content marketer knows that for a content to rank higher in SERPs, the title plays a pivotal role. So if you start penning down your content make sure that your content title is SEO-friendly and user- targeted and niche-relevant.


Writing is the best method of communicating your message to your targeted audience and getting a better understanding of your potential business prospects problems and difficulties. When you write for your customers and clientele, make sure to treat the composed content as an official medium of communication with your potential customers.

Research Skills:

A well-composed content doesn’t happen by accident. Great quality content is the result of thorough research, thoughtful writing and careful editing of content. Detailed and comprehensive research is the key to composing attention-capturing and relevant content. Thorough research adds credibility, relevance, and value to your content. Therefore, using credible information sites and sources is of crucial importance. Whether you hire Wikipedia writers for making Wikipedia pages or a freelance ghostwriter, no writing job is complete without an exhaustive research process.


First drafts are not to be published. To perfect your content, you might need to edit your content multiple times. Content editing requires perseverance, patience and proper understanding of grammar and punctuation. To ensure that your content is of high-quality, remove all the redundancies and overused words from your content. In most cases, editing takes more time than actual content composition and writing.  

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