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5 Top pre-workout supplements for cardio



pre-workout cardio supplement
cardio supplement

Most pre-workout supplements help individuals in their workout by increasing their strength and general endurance. This is why it is popular among the health conscious people who attend the gym daily.

The primary ingredients in a pre-workout supplement include Beta-alanine and creatine, and these two ingredients are responsible for giving you the anaerobic strength.

Caffeine makes your body endure the exercise. This depends on the type of practices you will be taking part in. Knowing which of the ingredients is best suited for a particular activity is very crucial in increasing your overall performance.

When to take the pre-workout supplement

As the name suggests, it should be taken before a workout. The timing has to be right for increased performance and endurance. Otherwise, you will mess up the whole process.

Don’t take the pre-workout supplement at the gym. Usually, it takes about 30-60 minutes for the ingredients to reach your bloodstream. Around this time you will experience a peak level of the supplement ingredients in your blood. 

The stimulant, therefore, caffeine has a half-life of about four hours in your body. If you take the supplement too early, the energy and endurance will run out halfway into the exercise. The best time to take the pre-workout supplement is an hour before the training.

It will be more effective in this way. Scientists are divided on whether to take the pill on an empty stomach. The ingredients will reach the bloodstream quickly on an empty stomach, and there might be side effects. Hopefully, research findings will answer these questions.

The best pre-workout supplements for cardio

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-workout
This supplement stimulates your body for increased support and performance. The components in this product are natural, and some include caffeine and beta-alanine. This supplement is free from banned substances. You will find the taste to be excellent. The only concern about the optimum nutrition gold standard pre-workout supplement is that when taken on an empty stomach, it makes you feel dizzy or jittery. Otherwise, I recommend this supplement because it makes you last longer during your exercises.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Supplement
It contains different ingredients like Ornithine, Citrulline, and anhydrous caffeine. These ingredients ensure that your body is well stimulated before the workout at the gym. The supplement has a sweet flavor, but it does not leave an after taste. One setback is that it leaves you with a tingling sensation, which might make you a bit uncomfortable during the exercise.

Alpha Gx-7 Pre-Workout Supplement
One of the unique traits is that it helps burn the fats in your cardio. This supplement is in powder form. The ingredients present include Beta Alanine and Citrulline. It gives you the strength and endurance to withstand the cardio workout. The tingling effect might freak you out at first, but continuous use will limit this feeling.

Nutrex Research Outfit Pre-Workout Supplement
This supplement contains ten scientifically proven ingredients that will make your body endure most of the exercises for your cardio workout. It is also very affordable. This is a powerful supplement, as it contains more caffeine. The only setback is that it brings about the tingling effect.

Vintage blast pre-workout supplement
It does not any banned substances. The premium ingredients on the Vintage Blast will stimulate your muscles for a more prolonged exercise. The supplement offers a two-stage workout design process. There is no tingling, and the taste is perfect. The only disadvantage, in this case, is the price, most people find it more expensive than similar supplements.

cardio supplement


Take the pre-workout supplement approximately 40-60 minutes before going for your cardio workout at the gym. You will experience increased performance and endurance if the ingredients are at peak levels in your blood. Timing is critical. To learn more about pre-workout supplements for cardio, then go to

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