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4 SEO tips to rank Higher In 2019



4 SEO Tips

If you want to rank higher in SERP, you need to properly SEO your blog, this would search engine to understand what your blog is all about, search engine robot would be able to crawl and index your post accurately for focus keyword which increases your ranking position.

Search engine optimization are guidelines that you have to follow if you want to rank in the SERP, the ranking position of your blog post depends if you follow properly optimize your post. In this article, I would show 4 SEO tips to rank higher.

The need to rank higher is not limited to blogger alone, as small business and e-commerce website want to rank higher because they want to increase their business revenue. When user search a query on Google only website in the 1st page is guaranteed of getting traffic from the query, the ranking position in the 1st page determine the actual number of visitor each website get.

4 SEO Tips To Rank Higher

Build High-Quality Backlink

Backlinks are linked from other sites that link back to your website page and post. This link is important in your ranking position because it helps to increase your domain authority.

Domain authority is a metrics introduced by Moz which replace the old Google Pagerank, this shows the level of each website and if they would rank for keywords or not. Website with moderate domain authority like 35-40 can easily rank for keywords with competition less than 30.

New website has a low domain authority and finds it hard to rank higher for keyword because of the level of competition.

When you build high-quality backlink to your site and make sure that the sites are indexed by Google, your ranking position would increase. You can head to Google Search Console to check if your links are getting index by Google or not, if your link is not getting index by Google, you can create a web 2.0 blog and add your links to the post. When Google crawl this step for keyword, they would index your link.

Keyword Research

Keyword research prevents you from targeting keywords that are difficult to rank due to your blog domain authority. New blogger should target keyword with low competition of less than 20. And when they rank for this keyword and their domain authority increase they can target keyword with a moderate level of competition.

There are so many free and paid tools that you can use to research your keyword, tools like Google Adwords, KwFinder, LongTailPro etc make it easier for you to find long tail keywords that are easier to rank.

Internal Linking

Internal linking help to increase the page view of your blog, when user finds the internal link on your blog post that is very relevant to the topics, they would click on your link to know.

Internal Link shows Google that visitor interacts with your page more and they would increase your ranking position in SERP.

Alt Text

Do you know that you can get traffic to your blog using an image if you don’t know it is called Google image search? When user search for a query, Google would display different image relevant to the query.

This is another way of increasing your blog page view by properly optimizing your images to rank higher in Google Image search.

Add your focus keyword in the alt text of your image, this way Google would be able to crawl your images for keyword and eventually rank it in the SERP. This would bring about an increase in your blog traffic and eventually your blog revenue would increase as well.