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27 percent of Americans want to see Santa Claus as a female or a gender-neutral figure



Another overview by a visual communication organization uncovered that 27 percent of Americans need to see Santa rebranded as a female or a gender-neutral figure. In excess of 10 percent of respondents said that Santa ought to be a lady. An astounding 17 percent said that Santa ought to be a “sexually impartial” figure.

“I think Santa is a magical animal, so it very well may be whatever you need it to be,” said another New Jersey inhabitant stated, alluding to the conviction that Santa could be a “gender-neutral” figure.

Santa Clause Claus depends on St. Nicholas, a verifiable figure who lived somewhere in the range of 270 and 343 AD. St. Nicholas motivated the conventional Santa Claus figure because of his genuine propensity for mystery present giving.